Steve Roberts

Steve Roberts is the drummer for the Fender Benders. His baritone voice is heard on lead vocal on many of our mellow tunes.

Steve grew up in Southern California where, at the ripe old age of 11 years, his parents bought him his first "Trap Set." He immediately formed a rock and roll band (The Silvertones) with his friends who lived just up the street. The band consisted of drums, two guitars and a saxophone. Their first songs were "Ghost Riders in the Sky," "Pipeline," "Perfidia," "Sleep Walk," and "Walk Don't Run." With a saxophone in the band, they soon had "Tequila" in their repertoire. All instrumentals. No one even considered singing. The Silvertones made their name playing the "Big Gigs" in the area - The Elks club, VFW, Knights of Columbus, and American Legion youth dances. They also routinely played the Jr. High School dance circuit.

In High School, Steve bought a drum set that he still owns today - a double bass, metallic blue, "Rogers" set (pictured above). Steve says, "I bought this set in the late 60's when I was still in high school at Burroughs High School in Ridgecrest CA. So they are almost 50 years old. The set is in pretty good physical condition except for the veneer. I have dragged these drums all over the country, storing them in garages, hot attics and basements." This set is now considered a classic, and he keeps it at home in our band practice room to keep it from getting beat up.

For gigs, Steve plays a Yamaha set that sounds even better than the Rogers, with fantastic Zildjian cymbals and professional Audix F-series microphones (pictured above).

Over the years, Steve has played in a variety of rock bands - The Coachmen, The Shades of Youth, The Pink Panthers, Badge, The Heaters, and many others. (He just can't remember all the names). 40+ years of playing music in California, Missouri, Washington, and Utah. Steve wrote on Facebook: "After our gig this week a young boy asked me how long I had been playing drums. I did some quick arithmetic in my head and said oh about 53 years. He didn't say a word. He just stared at me with a puzzled look. I'm sure he thought I was lying."."

Steve has supplemented all the big bucks he earns with his music career :) with a career in mechanical engineering. Currently, he is a Senior Structural Engineer for J-U-B Engineers, Inc. in Logan, Utah. He designs buildings, bridges, water tanks and other assorted structures. (It helps pass the time between gigs.)

The Fender Benders actually got started when Irv saw Steve perform with another band (Population Five) in the summer of 2003. Steve was the only person in the band over the age of 21, and he looked a little out of his element. After the gig, Irv approached Steve and asked, "I was wondering if you might be interested in getting a bunch of old guys together to form a classic rock band?" Steve's smile got as wide as his face! We've been rocking ever since...