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PA Instructions:

Microphones / Mixer Channels -- total 18 channels:

3 vocal mics on boom stands: one for each performer at front of stage.
1 headset mic: for the drummer (we can supply a Crown CM-311A with footswitch mute; 48V phantom power preferred but not required; a little treble and bass needs to be added to this mic).
2 guitar amplifier mics: on the left side of the drummer (we can supply one Sennheiser e906; 48V phantom power required).
1 acoustic guitar line out: a balanced, male XLR jack is located on the green "Acoustic Exciter" DI box on the pedalboard at the center front of the stage.
2 keyboard mics: the large Fender Silverface 4x10 keyboard amp needs to be mic'd.  There is also a Leslie style spinning rotor that needs a microphone. (We can supply two EV N/D457 mics.  The mic for the Leslie speaker has an auto-mute circuit so it requires an extra XLR cord.)
1 bass amplifier line out: a balanced, male XLR jack with ground lift switch is located on the back panel of the SWR amp.  (If you get a hum on this channel, first ask us to flip the ground lift switch.  If the hum continues, ask the bass player to try his hum eliminator box.  If all else fails, put a mic on the SWR 4x10 cabinet.)
8 drum mics: we use a standard Yamaha trap set that needs a standard drum mic set (one bass drum mic, two overhead condenser cymbal mics, a hi hat mic, a snare mic, and several tom mics.


5 monitors: 4 wedge monitors on the front of the stage, plus a monitor for the drummer (preferably on a tripod).  We need three monitor mixes: left side, right side, and drummer.  Vocals, drums and acoustic guitar are in all three.  Left stage instruments are in right side mix at low volume.  Right stage instruments are in left side mix at low volume.  Vocals only (with extra volume on drummer's vocal mic) are in drummer mix.


We prefer a mild reverb effect (medium plate type) on all songs. We ask that you defeat this effect between songs when we are talking to the audience. On a couple of songs, we may need a more pronounced vocal effect such as a heavy slapback echo or a long cathedral-type reverb. In such a case, we will supply you with a set list indicating the effect for each song.

Real-Time Mixing Needs:

Our band is not one that you can just set the mix and then relax. Constant riding of the sliders is critical to a good mix. Whenever there is a guitar, keyboard, bass, or drum solo, we need that channel's slider pushed up temporarily to bring the volume up during the solo, then take it back down. Our vintage tube amplifiers are not capable of large volume adjustments without messing up the tone. Thus, solos will come into your board at approximately the same volume as normal playing. It is up to you to push them to the top of the mix, and likewise with the lead vocals. We may supply our own sound technician to work with you on this.  Thanks!

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